Are you getting
enough of the
good stuff?

There’s nothing better than fresh, delicious cow’s milk. It’s packed full of essential vitamins, natural nutrients and loads of amazing health benefits you won’t get anywhere else. But many of us have forgotten just how good dairy milk is. We’re here to change that.

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Why have we set up
mission 4 milk?

We’ve always had a passion for milk. We’re proud supporters of British dairy farmers. And we want to show you just how good the good stuff is. Milk is vital for our health – and it’s our mission to help people of all ages – kids, teenagers and adults alike – make it part of their daily lifestyle.

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Health & Nutrition

Dairy milk is one of the most important sources of calcium, iodine and B-vitamins – all vital for strong bones, smart brains and a healthy immune system. Even the whole stuff is 96% fat free!

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You don’t just need to have milk in your tea or poured over cereal. There are hundreds of delicious recipes where adding fresh, delicious cow’s milk makes all the difference to the taste and texture.

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Dairy Farming

Safe, sustainable and socially conscious dairy farming is an essential part of our British heritage. Our farmers do an amazing job, and we want to showcase their work and their wonderful cows.

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It’s more than just a glass of milk!

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Let’s Appreciate Dairy

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Lockdown Life – From the TV Studio to the farm

The Mission4Milk team invited Beccy Wood to tell her lockdown story.

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