Milk, the new vaccine?

  • by April First

Milk, the new vaccine?

The health benefits of drinking milk are widely known but often hotly debated. However, would you think that drinking milk can provide a boost in immunity against COVID-19?

A recent study suggests just that. After the NHS campaign, recommending we drink more milk at the beginning of the pandemic, a team of researchers decided to test the theory.

Working with over 5000 farmers and a sample of consumers they found that drinking milk regularly delivered a boost to the immune system that could help to protect against several viral infections including COVID-19.

“We found with a high degree of certainty that drinking a 200ml of milk 4-5 times a week increased the bodies natural immune response to infections” explains April, lead researcher on the project. “70% of those who regularly drank milk were more likely to only contract mild symptoms”

April continues by saying that “Milk from high welfare UK farms seems to be more effective than other sources, including milk alternatives”.

April goes on to explain, “Just 200ml of milk contains a varied source of essential nutrients for the body including” 

% Daily Recommendation







Riboflavin (B2)


Vitamin B5


Vitamin B12






To find out more about what milk contains visit:

This new research is a milestone moment for the UK, its high welfare farming practices and the dairy industry as a whole. More to come as the project develops.

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