Thank You Co-Op

  • by Anna Tomlinson

We Are Stronger Together.


Covid-19 has left devastation


The British food supply chain could not have predicted the devastating effect that Covid-19 has had on the dairy industry, and in particular those milk producers selling into food-service markets. This has had a catastrophic effect on the productivity of dairy farms across the UK. According to the AHDB, it is estimated that 5,200 farmers have suffered a milk price reduction this spring, with some having to pour milk down the drain. 


Thank You Co-op!


Whilst the industry continues to plummet, we must give thanks to those who have backed our British farmers in this particularly difficult time. The Co-op recently stood by their commitment to their dairy farmers despite a reduction in market pricing. 

The Co-op dairy farmers wanted to reach out to the Co-op to thank them for their continued support and let them know what this means to many family-run dairy farming businesses across the country.  

Not only are you supporting your farmers during these challenging and uncertain times, but you are helping them to invest in their business and ensure they are able to continue to feed the nation for generations to come! 


We Must Stand Together


The food industry must learn lessons from the Covid-19 pandemic and we feel the most important lesson is that we must stand together – farmer, processor and retailer.  Having strong relationships across the supply chain will enable us all to have a bright future. 

We urge the entire supply chain to think about the greater good, stand together and be united! 

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